Guitar Lesson w/ Tab: Shadows And Dust by Arch Enemy

This is a guitar lesson on how to play the melodic death metal classic: Shadows and Dust by Arch Enemy. Included is the tablature that you can find right here: Arch Enemy – Shadows And Dust

Guitar Lesson Notes Worth Mentioning

The song takes some build up of stamina to have a solid playthrough from start to finish. In particular take note of the following segment starting at bar 21. I won’t lie to you, this one can be challenging. The only way to get comfortable and good at it, is by play it over and over again.  A start at a slower tempo at first is needed to build up the comfort level. In the midst of the song itself, Christopher Amott makes it sound so effortless, and fluid when playing through it.

Tip: Breakdown each set of sixteenth notes, bar by bar; it’s the only way to work out any kinks in the movement of the fretting hand and the picking hand. Or both if needed to sync the left and the right hand together. Use a metronome for your picking hand to build the fluidity, and slowly build up your speed to get that effortless motion that you hear on the AE record.


Equipment Used in Guitar Lesson / Playthrough



Actual Equipment Used




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