Obituary – Redneck Stomp – Guitar Playthrough (w/Tabs)

Obituary! Another death metal band that I absolutely love.  Their compositions always sound tight and heavy. Just by listening to any of their live performances, you can see and hear they all feed off each other’s energies, and that in turn syncs the timing of their playing.  It’s just awesome to see.


The down picking is key in this song like a lot of other, heavy sounding metal bands. It’s definitely a skill that needs to be worked on. My suggestion is to have a metronome close by. This will act as your guide to make sure you’re keeping the time properly; not to mention keeping your mind focused on the task at hand.


This is the tablature and playthrough for the Redneck Stomp!

Get your free tablature here! ——-> Obituary – Redneck Stomp



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