Arch Enemy – Bury Me An Angel – Guitar Playthrough (w/Tabs)

Arch Enemy – How much influence do I draw from this band, I cannot even begin to say.  Michael and Christopher Amott are metal Gods!  Their compositions are always loaded with melody but brutal heaviness at the same time.

The sixteenth note picking is key in this song to keep everything tight. If you lose the palm mutes, the essence of the song gets lost in translation. In short, it comes to sound like one big noisy track.

Palm mutes at 180 bpm for longer periods of time, is no laughing matter. It’s definitely a skill that needs to be worked on. My suggestion is to have a metronome close by. This will act as your guide to make sure you’re keeping the time properly; not to mention keeping your mind focused on the task at hand.


This is the tablature for Bury Me An Angel by Arch Enemy.

Get your free tablature here! ——-> Arch Enemy – Bury Me An Angel Tab

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