Guitar Lesson w/ Tab: Slowly We Rot by Obituary










This is a guitar lesson, playthrough with tablature included on how to play Slowly We Rot by Obituary. Get your tablature right here! 👉👉 Slowly We Rot – Obituary

The album was first released back on Jun 14, 1989. It was recorded at Morrisound Recordings, in Tampa Bay Florida, and produced by Scott Burns. This was Obituary’s first crack at the can so to speak and what a phenomenal job they did.

The entire band is on point with no stone left unturned truly capturing what death metal as a genre and Obituary is all about:

“I love this guitar sound. There’s no better or exact way else I could describe it, but the guitars on this album are awesome as hell! It gives the album a nastier sound than it already has; gives it the aesthetic of death, gore, and doom; which is what most OSDM is all about. The drumming is just as great, Donald Tardy is good with the balance in his work here. He slows down or speeds up when necessary, not leaving any part underdone nor overdone. The drums themself are perfect too.”

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